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Champagne Basket Champagne Basket Champagne Basket Champagne Basket

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The champagne basket is there to make a statement. It can be used as a romantic gesture, a gift for guests at a function or a corporate present. When you give a champagne basket, it tells people you are successful, generous and sophisticated. The better the quality of the champagne, the more impression you'll make.

As a romantic gesture, it's hard to beat. I say this from mere imagination, as I'm yet to receive one. The fantasy goes like this; a romantic picnic by the river on a warm summer's day. The wicker champagne basket is presented, complete with champagne, luxury hand made Belgian chocolates, strawberries, napkins made from the finest Egyptian cotton and two champagne flutes. Perhaps there is a string quartet, perhaps a proposal of marriage. Ok, I'm getting carried away but they do make the usual bunch of roses look a bit jaded.

Some people use a champagne basket as a take away gift for wedding guests. That may prove somewhat expensive, but if you want them to remember the day, you could really push the boat out and throw in some smoked salmon, pate, caviar or chocolate truffles. After all, they got you a toaster.

There are retailers that sell a range of picnic baskets, including a variety of champagne basket online. Some of them promise next day delivery, which is handy if you remember someone's birthday or anniversary at the last minute. It appears as if you've given their special occasion a lot of thought! You can also get luxury versions of the baskets, with leather hinges and brass fittings. If you want it less like a picnic outing, champagne bottles also come in varnished wooden boxes. They will put a message in with the gift if you want. The good impression you make will be out of proportion to the effort you've put in!

Corporate gifts are all the rage, with companies looking to outdo each other. A champagne basket is a way of saying thank you to reliable suppliers or loyal customers. Shareholders will feel a warm glow and forget that their share price has plummeted. Even business meetings will go better with a bit of fizz. You could present them to your staff at the next company outing or hold competitions to win a champagne basket. It's an incentive and a nice reward for hitting that sales target.

Everyone gets in a party mood when the champagne is popping and a champagne basket is sure to heighten someone's mood. Even people, who say they don't like it, still drink it. Strange but true. There's a lot of value in those bubbles.

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